Early morning surprise!

Howler monkeys!

Some of the college students went for an early morning run with Dr. Peterman and found these monkeys right beside the road where we were staying. One of them ran up and started banging on our door (5:45 AM). We got up and threw our shoes on and ran down the gravel road to watch these guys in amazement. We were careful NOT to stand under them, because these monkeys like to throw their feces down on whomever might be under them.!

Windmill farm at Lake Arenal

About 50 in all!

We drove around the north side of Lake Arenal. It is always very windy there, with most of the wind coming from the Atlantic side of the island. There we saw this amazing side of more than 50 windmills across the shore of the lake. So impressive!

Find out what the percentage of electricity that windmills produce in the USA versus what percentage they provide in Costa Rica? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of wind power!

Your teacher faces a fire ant mound and risks her life!

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