Animals and Plants of the Cloud Rainforest

These are Day 3 plants and animals from the Monteverde Cloud Forest. We have seen more than I can upload here because the internet connections here are very, very slow and it is hard for me to upload pictures, the podcasts, etc. So I will try to upload more pictures, but here is your discussion question for today:

The national bird of Costa Rica is called the Resplendent Quetzal. It is the most beautiful animal that I have ever seen and we were lucky to get to see it. The Quetzal has a certain "niche" in the forest here, but climate change is already affecting this beautiful animal. You see the toucans (which I will also try to upload for you because we say this guy too) has moved up the mountain (to cooler temps) and is now in competition with the Quetzal, sometimes even eating the Quetzal eggs. This is just one example of the complex interactions in the ecosystem and what the consequences are when even a subtle change (like one species moving up the mountain) affects the web of other species. Post a discussion or reply to one of your classmates on this question: What are the consequences of changes in climate conditions in terms of the animals and plants in an ecosystem? Have you heard of any other examples such as the one above?

Green toucan

Resplendent Quetzal

Coati's out on the prowl!

Dr. Foy and I under an ANCIENT Fern TREE

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