Finally here in Costa Rica
Growing pineapples
Leaf cutter ants we found

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Hike up the Arenal volcano

Do you see how your teacher risks her life to show you this picture of the arenal volcano?
We could not see the top with the lava coming out - do you see how cloudy it is? BUT we heard it erupt as we were hiking through the rainforest on our way up here. The rocks we were sitting on buried this site of the volcano in the l997 eruption. The eruption in 1968 buried 2 villages.

What do you know about volcanoes? How are most people killed in volcanoes? By the lava, rocks, (which can shoot up to a kilometer out of the volcano) or poisonous gasses? Where are the MOST active volcanoes in the world? How old were you (or where you even born?) when Mr. Saint Helen in the state of Washington blew her top. What have you heard about the Mt. Saint Helen's catastrophic explosion? Find out and discuss it with your period's classmates on the discussion tab. Click on your class below.

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